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Register Data Protection Statement

The MG-Registers record details of MG motorcars in so-called model-registers (hereafter the Registers). In the Dutch MG-Registers the registrations are recorded on the basis of production details, models and (original) specifications, modifications and ownership over the years (owner history).
The Registers aim to record and safeguard the histories of the MGs registered, for now and for the future. These records serve a material and a historical purpose, both nationally and internationally.

The starting point for any Register is one specific MG model that is present in The Netherlands. The details are gathered in a number of ways: by means of voluntary registration forms on paper, via email applications and dedicated Register-websites. When supplying information to the Register managers with a view to contributing these data to the Register, you explicitly agree to further processing of the personal details you submit to the Register manager.

The following conditions apply:

  1. The Register manager processes personal details only in as far relevant to the purpose of the Register. The Register manager only processes personal details for those who have unequivocally expressed their consent.
  2. Register data are recorded and stored on paper and/or a digital database. Such data may comprise: photographs, (text) documents, (certified) copies of car registrations, background articles or any other information relevant to that particular MG-vehicle, including previous owners. Vehicle data may be obtained from a variety of sources.
  3. Besides vehicle data, personal details of owners are also part of the Register. Owner details, or previous- owner details, that are registered are the following: name, phone number, and email, as well as dates of ownership.
  4. At their request owners, or previous owners, will be granted leave to inspect their personal details as recorded in the Register for the relevant vehicle.
  5. The Register manager maintains a Ledger for the Processing of Personal Details. This offers an overview of all data collected and stored, also specifying the purpose for which these data are processed as well as to whom they may be made available.
  6. The Register manager logs all instances when personal details from the Register are supplied to third parties.
  7. Register data may be shared with interested parties, under very strict conditions, during special events, such as fairs and Register information days.
  8. When the aim of the Register requires the distribution of personal data to a third party, the Register manager will at all times draw up an agreement with this third party. This agreement will specify to what purpose said third party wishes to obtain these personal data and also what measures are taken to protect them.
  9. The Register manager will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to guarantee the safety of personal details. The Register manager will log any incidents or infringements.
  10. Each and every individual whose personal details have been recorded by the Register manager has the right to inspect these details.
  11. If recorded details prove to be incorrect or incomplete, the individual to whom these details pertain has the right to have these details supplemented or rectified. This individual may claim to exercise his legal right to be ‘disremembered’. The Register manager will then remove all personal details of said individual from the Registers and do everything reasonably possible to delete all reference to this individual from the digital files. The parties concerned here are all persons listed in the Registers, or their beneficiaries upon their decease.

Aim of the Registers:

All MG Registers collect and record details of cars and their owners over the years. This makes it possible to compile and document a history of the respective cars.


By supplying and submitting details to a particular Register you unequivocally agree to have these details filed and stored in that Register.

For the purpose outlined above, the Registers are available for inspection at the annual Houten fair and on special Register days. A copy of our Register Data Protection Statement may be obtained from the Register managers.

This statement has been updated as per: April 30, 2020